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Innovation Isn't Work


  • Shawn is an innovative executive leader and kindred spirit in his relentless focus on the User Experience. It has been like watching a master class in culture change to observe how Shawn has led the Healthways organization to understand and apply Design Thinking and User Centered Design. He has a way of deeply impacting the lives he touches and empowering individuals to find new levels of professional excellence and achievement.

    Mark Southard, Vice President, Isobar

  • Shawn Nason is one of the most versatile and can-do executives with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. He’s inspiring, focused, and funny all at the same time. He’s got a very high likeability factor to go with a tenacious work ethic. Shawn’s got a unique gift in that he knows what needs to be done, he gets after it, and he makes the work fun.

    Chris Hessler, CEO, Linkwell Health

  • Shawn is a rock-solid facilitator, ideator who runs session as a real professional, with hard results and real dedication. Use him.

    Ralph Judah, Director, Monitor Deloitte