Want to accomplish more in 5 days than most organizations do in 3-4 months? The 5-Day Design Sprint focuses on a specific area of your business and will enable you to identify roadblocks, as well as discover solutions, ultimately creating a positive impact on your consumers.

You leave with a roadmap to implement the solution over a twelve-week timeframe.

Design Sprints allow you to move you from ideation to implementation. We do this in a five-day, consumer integration process as part of the whole design-sprint journey. You and your key stakeholders will be immersed not only with your consumers but within the healthcare system, talk with experts, and look outside of the industry to bring best practices into your ideation session.

Our goal during the five-day sprint sessions is to set the course for open collaboration, awareness of what and where the roadblocks exist and then form a working plan for transformation.

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