Personas make it easier to understand and embody others’ point of view – and to identify issues and opportunities for improving interactions. Personas also humanize the process and help to generate compelling narratives that reflect the people you serve.

Use personas as an engaging exercise with your team to reflect on the individuals that you aim to serve, and assess whether the means for engagement is relevant, or if additional opportunities exist.


Journey Mapping is a simple way of capturing how a consumer is interacting with a product, service, or experience. This empathic approach provides insight and can also be used to tell a vivid story of the consumer’s experience.

When building a journey map, you will consider moments before, during, and after the experience. Journey mapping uses empathy charting to discover the think, feel, do, and say process of the consumer.

Journey mapping provides a personal look into the full experience of your consumer and should be rooted in a deep understanding of individuals—who they are, where they come from, and what their concerns.


We work with you to translate the stories of your consumers and your organization, into rich, impactful narratives that build empathy, enhance patient experiences, deepen the connectivity to your consumer, and ultimately transform your brand. This process requires an approach that respects cultural differences, maintains awareness, and offers the consumer a voice.  Our goal is to help you tell their story – not just your own.  After all, are they not one and the same?


A Day In The Life builds out the patient’s, member’s, or provider’s experience from start to finish including successes or challenges.  We look at specific actions they take during the day and how that impacts their thoughts and emotions.

This process provides rich insight into all aspects of your consumers journey – spotlighting what is working and highlighting issues and opportunities in your delivery experience.


By spending time in your consumers’ environment, you walk in their footsteps. This process offers invaluable insights into their unique health care journey and allows you to document real-time experiences from all walks of life.

Over the course of the Community Safari, you will learn observational and conversational techniques by becoming immersed in the hustle and bustle of your consumer’s interactions.

Listen carefully to the tone used in these conversations. Watch for emotional cues— confusion to relief. Capture the details of your observations and interpretations with notes or quick sketches in a journal. Use insights gained to fuel conversations and continued learning with your team.

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