Shawn is an innovative executive leader and kindred spirit in his relentless focus on the User Experience. It has been like watching a master class in culture change to observe how Shawn has led the Healthways organization to understand and apply Design Thinking and User Centered Design. He has a way of deeply impacting the lives he touches and empowering individuals to find new levels of professional excellence and achievement.

Mark Southard, Vice President, Isobar

Shawn Nason is one of the most versatile and can-do executives with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. He’s inspiring, focused, and funny all at the same time. He’s got a very high likeability factor to go with a tenacious work ethic. Shawn’s got a unique gift in that he knows what needs to be done, he gets after it, and he makes the work fun.

Chris Hessler, CEO, Linkwell Health

Shawn is a rock-solid facilitator, ideator who runs session as a real professional, with hard results and real dedication. Use him.

Ralph Judah, Director, Monitor Deloitte

I recently had an opportunity to share the journey over the last year at Batterii and the successes, trial and tribulations of growing a company. The moderator asked me a great question, “What is the best thing about being CEO of a company, even a start up like Batterii?” I answered directly it’s the great people you meet, who are as passionate about their work as I am about Batterii. Shawn Nason tops my list of passionate and energetic leaders. Shawn is driving the next generation of innovation. Shawn articulates and shares his vision, welcomes collaboration and drives to succeed.

Kevin Cummins, CEO, Batterii

Shawn connects – and through connection, makes good things happen. He has a breadth of skills and experiences – enabling him to work successfully with ambiguity and in a diversity of situations. He has a reputation as being innovative, strategic, and a developer of people. Shawn brings a level of energy that seems boundless – particularly when conducting week-long, long-day innovation workshops! Shawn is a culture-builder; and an asset to any organization or team that allows him to bring his unique brand and style to the opportunities presented him.

Erik Eaker, Enterprise Director, Humana