Consumer-Centered Innovation To Help You Meet People Where They Are!

We challenge you to think of innovation as a lifestyle instead of a project or a job. Our approach contributes to the building of a culture supportive of keeping the consumer at the center of your business.

The Nason Group lives by three principles: Know Me, Surprise Me, and Make It Easy!

  • Screenshot 2017-08-14 07.46.30Know Me: We use tools, methods, and frameworks that help you get to know your consumer, such as ethnographic research, interviews, and focus groups
  • Surprise Me: Once you know your customer and identify ways to make it easy for them, it is time to delight them! Find those opportunities and teach the ability to delight to everyone in your organization who interacts with your consumers.
  • Make It Easy: Unless you know how the consumer experiences your product or service, you’ll never know how to make it easy for them! We have one of the best journey mappers with over 25+ years of experience to help you find the places where we can make it easy for your consumers to do business with you.

We help you find opportunities to know, surprise, and make it easy for your consumer while building in measurement strategies to prove the value of impact.

The Nason Group utilizes ethnographic research, data, and years of real-world experience within several industries to help organizations move from ideation to implementation.