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The Nason Group

Meet The Disruptors

Shawn Nason

CEO, Eco-System Disruptor

“I have the amazing honor to ignite teams, organizations, and individuals to tap into their creative mind and spark ideas and solutions they never dreamed of!”

Travis Streb

Chief Humanizer & International

“We have to do the hard work first. This means being creative, compassionate, and having fun while we do it. That’s how humanity progresses. The rest is filling in time.”

Mark McFerron

Chief of Imagination

“Being innovative is largely being creative. My role is to co-create with conceptual thinkers and design a visual story supporting their vision and goals. I have the responsibility to inspire and ensure all creative output adheres to a successful brand (dream) while delivering positive results.”

Michael Harper

Chief of Radical Experiences

“There’s no better feeling in the world than to witness a creative spark in someone ignite into a new way of interacting with the world.”

Ryan Mulligan

Chief Empathizer

“The minute you take people out of the equation, you quit trying to solve the problem.”

Mark Miller

Chief Innovation Catalyst

“I get to see, hear and ultimately bring out the brilliance in people that they don’t see in themselves.”