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The POWER OF YES! in Claiming What You Believe

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The Story

2017 was an amazing year both professionally and personally. I celebrated 20 years with my Carlaamazing wife who, if it were not for, I would be completely crazy. (Thank you, Carla, for who you are to me and for everything you do for me.) As a parenting team, we saw lots of firsts for both of our children and got to enjoy some special times together. In September, I joined North Star Receivers and met a fantastic group of guys who have changed my life for the better. I also published a book called The Power of Yes! in Innovation! If you know me, you’ll know this is a true miracle within itself. (Thank you, Steve, for all of your hard work in pushing me to get this project over the finish line.) The Nason Group experienced tremendous growth and impact, including team members coming and going.

What I Learned And What You Can Learn

Throughout all of the events of 2017, I had a little voice in my head saying, “Shawn, what do you really believe?” That voice kept BELIEVE-IN-YOURSELF-ALWAYS--1challenging me to be a better person for my wife, kids, friends, and business partners. To respond to this nagging voice, I gathered the Nason Group team towards the end of the year and asked, “What exactly do we believe?” Something magical happened next. We hacked away at the question and, many iterations later, we have a set of We Believe statements that will help us move into the future together. We even brought in our partners to help us frame the statements so that the statements speak to the essence of who we are as the Nason Group. So, here they are:

We Believe . . .

  • The best thought solutions don’t always have to be complicated.
  • Using know me, surprise me, and make it easy will reconstruct the customer experience.
  • Disruption is healthy and necessary for growth and leads to new ideas that change the world (your world).
  • Ideas that are radical enough to change lives require a space for teams to create, develop, test, and implement.
  • Engaging consumers’ stories and voices are mission critical when exploring new ideas and the ONLY way to do business well.
  • Figuring out the right questions to ask takes time and energy.
  • With the POWER OF YES! anything is possible.

Working as a team to create these statements led me to a deeper understanding of the difference between doing and being. For too long, I’ve been caught up in the doing without spending enough time working on a foundation of being. Maybe you’ve been in the same boat?

What I Did And What You Can Do

In December, I spent a retreat weekend with my group from the North Star Receivers. Throughout the weekend, we examined at our lives and challenged each other to engage some hard questions, which led to even more clarity about my beliefs. My challenge for you this week is to do the same. Take some time to claim what you BELIEVE through these questions:

  • What conversations do I need to have?
  • What relationships do I need to address, let go of, or heal?
  • What activities do need to stop doing?
  • What activities do I need to start doing?
  • What am I going to do about “me” time?
  • What support do I need and what support am I open to receiving?
  • What is my mantra and brand that I want to live out?
  • What’s the impact I want to have in the world?



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My Top 3 Reflections On “How To Outrun The DoDo!”

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The Story…

This past week, I had the privilege of doing one of my favorite things during the year. I joined a group of health care (yes, two words – not one) innovators from the Innovation Learning Network. We traveled to the Netherlands and spent several days in the wonderful city of Nijmegen. During our time in Nijmegen, we were hosted by the REshape Center For Innovation at Radboudumc. I met the head of the center, Lucien Engelen, a couple of years ago in Toronto at one of these same events. At the same time, I met Zayna Khayat, a true innovation sherpa and my sister from another mother.  The theme they chose this week was, “How To Outrun The DoDo!”

Now the stage is set. One hundred health care innovators from the United States, Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, and many other countries, tackling systematic innovation around health care vs. healthcare (the care of the human vs. a system).

Here are my three take-aways:

Patient Included – In every sense of those words, The Netherlands has figured this out. I hear every week if not every day about patient-centered or member-centered design in this space, but we have not even tapped “patient included.”  To fully understand this, ourScreenshot 2017-10-22 16.32.46 group was introduced to Anne-Miek Vroom and the Ikone foundation. This group is a non-profit organization of humans who live and support those with chronic disorders. The organization is not an outsider in the system.  They truly co-create. They are intertwined into the health system and aim to bring better health care to all patients (I could write a whole blog on that subject, but not today.)

It’s All About The “Co!” – What does this mean? It means engaging the right people. Not just in mapping or analyzing the problem, but also in action to solve the problem. Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer from the NHS shared that with the group. Very simple to say, but not simple to do.

Helen presented us with the six CO’s her team lives by:

  • Coaching
  • Co-learning
  • Collaborating
  • Co-creating
  • Co-designing
  • Connectivity

Again, a whole blog could be written about Helen’s research and the amazing work the team is going to bring this to light by creating change agents. If you want to READ more the link is included here, as well as the link to Helen’s School for Change Agents. I encourage you to register.  I will be in the school in February!

Screenshot 2017-10-22 16.05.55

Health Innovation School – Why, oh, WHY have we not done this yet? I asked myself that question several times throughout the week. We have so many innovators trying to disrupt the healthcare system, but we have never brought clinicians, patients, start-ups, hospitals, and insurers all together in one-room for an extended period of time to solve the RIGHT PROBLEMS! There will be more to come on this, so be on the look-out!

What I Learned And What You Can Learn…

This is pretty simple. Keep an open mind and explore the possibilities. Surround yourself with people that will push you to new limits and help you think differently. When you go to the Health Innovation School’s website, there is a great quote:

“Innovation is now a competency necessary for everyone across health and care, no matter what role or level.”

So, who are you going to surround yourself with to change the system from being healthcare to health and care?

What I Will Do And What You Can Do…

Take 15 minutes today and find one person to “hack” away with. Whether it be your personal passion or your professional passion, just do it.

This is How You Can Outrun The DoDo!”

Click Here To Order: The Power Of Yes! In Innovation!


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Always Take The High Road! The Road To MBE Certification…

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The Story…

Earlier this year I wrote part one of this post with “Owning Your Story! Sharing Your Story! The Power Of Your Story!  Here I shared, my personal journey and story about being a Native American and the rich heritage it brings to my life. At the end of the blog I stated:

“Personally, I will stay true to myself. I will love all of those that I come into contact with just as I love myself. I will respect all for who they are no matter where they come from. Professionally, I will embrace my heritage. I will say I am proud to be a minority owned business. And I will seek to help all of us on this journey!”

I have learned so much more since writing that post and I will address that later – but I have exciting news to share about the Nason Group. Two weeks ago, I was notified  Nason Group completed the certification process and were approved as a Certified Minority Business Enterprise with the Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council. This has been a great experience. We are very excited to see the benefits that this certification will offer as we continue our work.

What We Learned and What You Can Learn…

So, although the certification journey took a bit longer than expected, during this process I did a great deal of self-reflection and realized what I value most in life, and what we as a company value with our friends, partners, families, and team. It is pretty simple! Four Words.






These words ring true to what the Nason Group has been built on. It will continue to be built on this mantra as our team grows, as we work with new partners, but most important; as we evolve personally.

Why these four words? Why not different ones? I don’t know exactly. However, as I have attended meetings, talked with people, and heard stories all across this nation and globe; these are the words that resonate in my inner being.

Honesty! Stay true to your self. Be honest with who you are, and be honest with those around you. Even if, sometimes, it is not the easy way. Honesty will always keep you on the right journey and headed in the right direction.

Integrity! This ties right in with honesty. Be a person of your word. Go above and beyond. Always Take The High Road! Integrity will always lead you to the right place and the right people.

Transparency! When working with partners, we ask for transparency. Not only asking transparency from them but making sure that we give transparency equally. The good, the bad, and the ugly. This is the only way you are going to make progress on your journey. This rings true in relationships as well.

Loyalty! I have found out on several of my journeys in life, that this is more important to me than anything else. I will look pass many things in a relationship/partnership, but I have a hard time looking past those who have broken loyalty. A broken cup is not easily repaired and if it is; it doesn’t hold liquid the same. 

What We Can Do and What You Can Do…

Going through the certification process over the last six months has allowed me and our group to become more focused. It allowed us to spend time searching, refining, and building a strong foundation for Nason Group. The MBE certification is an honor.  Who we are now and in the future needs to live up to this honor.

So, with that said; we will try every day to live up to the four words I shared. I ask that you find what is true to you, your friends, your family, and your organization – and put a stake in the ground. Don’t waiver! Be True To Who You Are! And remember:

Always Take The High Road!



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The POWER OF YES In 2017!

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What I Was Doing:  My Story…

Over a year ago I wrote a blog post titled, The Power of Yes In Innovation. I wrote these words:

Each day I try to live the POWER OF YES–the power to give people the freedom to explore, test, and win, the power to let my children be all they want to be, the power to allow innovators the freedom to create what has never been created before, and most importantly, the power to say yes to life.

At that time, I had no idea the profound impact these words would have on me as a leader, executive, friend, husband, father, or overall person. Those words became more and more important to me every day as I walked through 2016.

I’ll share a brief story about the POWER OF YES in my own life. I had the privilege to be a part of a new organization this year as the Chief Transformation Officer. When the opportunity was presented to me, I could have said no. I knew the role would be hard and a challenge for me, but I also knew I could not run from it. So, I said YES – and in doing so, learned so much about my capabilities as a person, and as important, my capabilities as a leader!


What I Learned…

First, I learned that as a C-Suite Executive, my word and actions could empower a culture to change. I did not need to be the decision maker. I did not need to know everything. I did not have to be at every meeting. All I had to do is say the word, YES!

Yes! You Can Make That Decision!

Yes! You Can Take That Risk!

Yes! You Are Able To Do It!

Second, as a leader, I learned that I had the ability to see talents and skills within associates that they may not see or they may not have had the opportunity to share.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Never allow a person to tell you no who doesn’t have the power to tell you yes.”

Simple! But yet, so hard for so many leaders. As a leader, we have the power to say no – but being able to say yes opens the door for engaging collaboration, opportunities for growth and the realizing of untapped potential.

Now, saying yes has it risks – but you cannot empower your organization, your team, and your associates unless you are willing to take the first step. By doing so, you will equip your teams with their own courage to say, YES!



Lastly, I learned that saying Yes doesn’t always mean that I am right or that it is going to go the way I want it to go.  I have to provide my team members the ability to fail or take risks that I may not take myself.  This means I must empower and support my teams to make decisions that may not necessarily be the ones I would make. As I worked with my teams over the past year, I did my best to get out of the way and provide the freedom for them to be their best. By doing so, I was able to help them to be better leaders and stronger team members.

What I Will Do With It…

For 2017, I am determined to live by the POWER OF YES! How? By following these three simple steps:

Y – Yes, I can! Yes, you can! Yes, we can! Yes, Yes, Yes! In all circumstances, opportunities or challenges, I will do my best to say Yes first!

Equip and Empower all those around me to not only reach for their dreams but for the things they may feel are unattainable.

S – Succeed! There is a measure of success within each and every opportunity. Even if I fail, I learn and I move forward.

In 2017 I will be fulfilling a dream of my own to write a book. Be on the lookout for it! Also, I will be launching a website on the POWER OF YES!

As 2016 comes to a close and we all begin to look forward to the New Year – my challenge to you is simply this: Live by the POWER OF YES in 2017! 


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2016 Reflections From The Heart!

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2016 has been an extraordinary year for me – both professionally and personally. From reconnecting with old friends to stepping into one of the most rewarding experiences in my career – I have made new friends, been challenged by old ones, and found myself inspired by the world around me.

I Learned!

I Rejoiced!

I Gave!

I would like to share five reflections with you as we close this year out:

  1. It’s Not About Me! It’s about those around us. Jack Welch reminded all of us of this in his quote, The day you become a leader, your job is to take people who are already great and make them unbelievable.”
  2. Design Leads Strategy. This is not always easy, but it is right.
  3. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify. Steve Jobs stated, “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”
  4. Conquer Your Fears! You can do anything you put your mind to – even if you do not believe you can! As a leader, father, husband, friend, or just as a person, I have to remember these three things: be honest with myself, make the behavior my own, and take the plunge.
  5. Know Me! Surprise Me! Make It Easy! In the spirit of simplicity, quit making everything so difficult for consumers. Live by these three principles, and you can hit it out of the park.

The last thing I want to leave you with as we close 2016 is simply this – the power of yes! Richard Branson stated,“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes. Then learn how to do it later.” Next week I will share on the POWER OF YES IN 2017!!! 


Be sure to take time over the next two weeks to reconnect with someone, hug someone, and spend time with all of those you love!!!


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Silos: The Trees Are Your Solution!!!

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Last week I shared what I believe to be three key principles a leader needs to embrace when setting forth to break down organizational silos. I would like to take this week and dig a bit deeper into this subject.

For many leaders, while they understand their organization is siloed and this is stagnating their growth, finding direction can often feel like one is deep in the forest – unable to see through the trees. But herein lies the magic – the trees are often where the solutions stand. You already know “your trees” – those key stakeholders within your organization who will champion, disrupt and cultivate dynamic open collaboration and empowered decision making necessary for culture shifts and sustained organizational growth across all business units.  Many trees – one forest. Many voices – endless potential!


 Over 25 years ago Jack Welch championed what was then a groundbreaking concept – working across organizational boundaries and disrupting operational “norms”.  Welch felt that by designing shorter decision cycles, increasing employee engagement and building a strong network of collaboration, companies could experience greater success. His theory became the GE Work-Out process and it centered around creating a “boundary-less organization.”

 His idea was – and remains – genius.  Provide the organization with a forum in which to collaborate and problem solve –  bringing key stakeholders together to share their skills, expertise, experiences, and insights. Use your internal talent. Innovate, inspire and collaborate: all in real time with the people are invested in the success of an organization!

 Decades later far too many organization still struggle from within their legacy driven organizational structures. As Ron Ashkenas wrote in his 2015 Harvard Business Review Article Still Works:

 Fast forward to today, and we live in a different world. Our communications technologies have dramatically improved. Welch’s “boundary-less organization” should seemingly be the de facto reality for most companies. To the contrary, however, many organizations still have hierarchical, siloed, and fragmented processes and cultures. In fact, having to cope with a fast-changing global economy has led many companies to create even more complex matrix organizations, where it’s actually harder to get the right people together for fast decision-making”.


Recently read the book Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans. Bill & Dave lay-out five mindsets for us as individuals to use, but they are also key for organizations in helping break-down silos:

  1. Curiosity – Be Curious
  2. Bias To Action – Try Stuff
  3. Reframing – Reframe Problems
  4. Awareness – Know It’s A Process
  5. Radical Collaboration – Ask For Help

Here is what Bill says about Radical Collaboration:

This is perhaps the most important design thinking mindset in Life Design. The best designers know that great design requires radical collaboration. You are not (and should not be) alone. An artist can create a masterpiece holed-up in a cabin in the woods but a designer cannot create the next global, behavior changing piece of hardware solo. Your life is more like a great design than a piece of art. It is a collaborative process. Many of the best ideas will come from other people, you just need to ask. Essentially, Life Design, like all design, is a team sport.

Silos have no place in our lives, let alone as an operational foundation of any business or corporation!

The sooner you build your Life Design team, the better. Engage the people you love and admire to work together to design a better lives individually – and as a community.

My challenge to you today is this: BREAK DOWN THE SILOS, both in your life and in your business!


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Tap Into Your Talent: The Power of Empathy!

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Recently my team and I met with a healthcare organization to discuss transformative change around their consumer experience practices. Their CEO handpicked the attendees – and they represented all aspects of the company. Each one, in their own unique and specific way, held responsibility for consumer and employee experience. It was this CEO’s hope that by bringing everyone to the table at once, collaboratively, they would begin to understand where they are, as opposed to where they should be – as an organization.

We met for three half days and worked through unique, thoughtful experiences designed to open eyes and hearts around what it truly means to meet the consumer “where they are’” – what does that look like, feel like and how do we and our organization measure up?

At times, you could hear a pin drop as they watched short videos around empathy-driven, consumer focused care delivery. There were inspiring moments of revelation when they connected the dots between what they do now and what they need to be doing to improve inspire-phototheir consumer’s experience.

For myself and my team, witnessing this connection can only be described as INSPIRING.  I believe that all employees are committed to being the best they can be. Often, and especially in the healthcare industry, people consider their work a “calling” – and with this comes strong passion and focus on making a difference. Herein lies the sweet spot – a gold mine of opportunity for an organization.

Unfortunately, over time business units within well-meaning organizations can become siloed – they unconsciously disconnect from one another in the process of achieving their department specific goals of creating, managing and delivering the customer experience. The fall out is that the customer experience becomes lost or convoluted as the focus become more on meeting a goal than meeting their customer where they are. As well, employees can begin to lose sight of purposeful, meaningful engagement with their work.

As part of the week’s events, we met with key stakeholders identified by the CEO. This is when we recognized where the exciting potential for transformation lies. This company holds a wealth of passionate visionaries, extraordinary talent and invaluable experience in its people. Some have been with the organization for decades – some are new. They all offered candid and thoughtful insights into the barriers, possibilities and strategies they believe are necessary to enact a successful organizational pivot. More importantly, they all are ready to take the next step toward innovating and transforming their customer’s experience – both internal and external. What is needed from this point is where a great many companies fall silent.

If an organization seeks to pivot their strategy, refocus a mission and find their own “secret sauce” that will catapult them ahead of the pack, I believe it requires three key tenants:

  1. Tap into your talent goldmine – KNOW THEM:
    1. Identify and empower your key stakeholders within each business unit. What are their insights? What are their strategies for breaking down the communication and process silos? What do they need from their leadership to ensure success?
  2. Communicate  – SURPRISE THEM:
    1. Build out a solid, strategic and cohesive communications plan for the transformation – “One voice” – for both internal and external customers. Set up a governance whereby all messaging, both for your consumer and your staff, is reviewed and approved prior to distribution.
  3. Engage – MAKE IT EASY FOR THEM:
    1. Meet with the people. Walk the halls. Encourage open collaboration. Tear down the siloes. Require transparency and partnership across all business units.

Transformation can be daunting. Transformation is disruptive. But the only way you can improve your consumer’s experience and build up your brand loyalty – is by embracing change and keeping your eye on the consumer.


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Who Is The System Designed For? Consumerism: The Priority In Healthcare!

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What I Was Doing – The Story…

Well, here I go again! I’m going to get on my pedestal and talk about how frustrating it is to hear about patients (consumers) having unacceptable experiences within our healthcare system. As many of you know, my life and career is focused on creating experiences and innovations that focus on the consumer rather it be a provider, patient, nurse, or vendor.

Two weeks ago I shared my encounter with Gary Hoover and his statement, “To make a difference in healthcare we need to study the great service organizations of the past and of today!” Gary was right! I want to share two stories this week.

First, one from my wife, Carla, and our experience on Delta airlines (a service provider). The second, from a colleague of mine and her experience visiting an emergency room in Louisville, Kentucky.

My wife and I had an opportunity to go away this past weekend to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary to Las Vegas. On our return trip we had an incredible experience with a flight attendant. Here is the story through my wife’s eyes:

delta-logoJust got off of Delta flight 1075 from Las Vegas to Minneapolis. We were promptly greeted by our flight attendant, Vincent. Let me just tell you, that he should give a master class on proper customer service. He was so gracious and so accommodating as well as charming. If you are ever fortunate enough to be on one of his flights, consider yourself lucky. He’s a wonderful asset to the Delta family!!!!!

That whole flight was dynamite for both of us! He made us feel like we were #1 the entire flight, while taking care of 14 other passengers. It was absolutely an amazing experience.

Next, my colleague this past Saturday evening needed to visit the emergency room to have her foot looked at. When I read her post on Facebook I was mortified for her, and shocked that she was treated like she was – but the nugget in it all is the end of the story. I will share more on that after you read excerpts from her experience.

Last night I finally reached out to my daughter to take me to a local Norton Hospital ER. The pain in my foot had finally gnawed through my wall and I cracked. I was nauseous and experiencing chills.

norton-healthcareA lack of empathy from the front desk became clear from the moment my daughter struggled to help me into the wheelchair once inside the ER- as a nurse watched from behind the counter and never moved or offered to get help. I was hobbling in on one foot and clearly in need of some assistance. A short time later I was wheeled back to be evaluated. That nurse was disengaged, unsympathetic and her heart elsewhere than in the moment with this pain ravaged, exhausted patient.

Then, the tide turned. Once in the hands of the nursing staff, I experienced true empathy driven care. Rich concern, detailed care and immediately at ease. The x ray techs even wished me a belated birthday. The ER doctor was one of the most kind physicians I have come across in a long time. Factual, but with a warmth and genuine bedside manner. All things a pain baby, embarrassed to be of inconvenience to my daughter who had just worked 12 hours straight – needed at that time.

My daughters both work in patient services in the ER for two different hospitals here. Watching my daughter react to the initial care I received said a lot for how she views her responsibility to the patient. Interestingly, I found myself not wanting her to cause a stir – completely unlike me – and realized that as a patient, I just wanted to be cared for compassionately. How many times do patients just silently accept such blatant lack of compassion? More often than not I would say after my experience!

What I Learned…

That final sentence was my gold nugget. This colleague is a confident, outspoken female, gold-nuggetbut she sat quietly and did not want to disturb the system. She just wanted a compassionate experience. She wanted to be treated with dignity…like a human! That’s all! After I read that post, I knew I had to continue to work passionately toward top-notch experiences for all patients!

What I Will Do With It…

I also learned that the service industry has a lot to offer and inspire us in this space. So let’s study them, learn from them, and implement their methodologies around the consumer experience.

Will you join the cause?

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The Harvest Is Ready – Are You? Harvest Summit 2016: My Top 10 Takeaways!

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What I Was Doing – The Story…

This past 2016-11-04-11-07-52Friday I attended the inaugural Harvest Summit. Over and over again during the event, a verse from the Bible, Luke 2:10, kept coming to mind: “The harvest is great, but the workers are few…” Now, I am not trying to be over spiritual here – so please stay with me!

Christ sent 70 disciples out two by two to strengthen and encourage one another. The Harvest Summit was just that! An action packed day of celebrating, strengthening, and encouraging one other. The only difference is that there were 200+  innovation disciples & evangelists with lots of food & wine, but most importantly, we made some incredible new friends.

2016-11-04-14-33-18I want first to thank, Jessica Kilcullen for the invite to this day of celebration, what a powerful visionary and thought leader (also, her husband John Kilcullen, for standing behind her and this vision.)

The event took place in a “barn” on a hill in Sonoma County. We chatted around a space ship, in a wine cave, and around the olive press – but best of all, under the old oak tree.

What I Learned…

I would never have thought of all the great things I learned in one day. So here are my top 10 takeaways:

  1.  Mark Burnett stated, “Specialists have jobs. Generalists build empires!”  Think 10x – 2016-11-04-18-04-52and 10x doesn’t cost 10X more.  Create the culture to create the big vision.
  2. “An experience can be so good that you don’t want to post it.” Sometimes we just need to simply stay in the moment, enjoy each other and the experience.  Dustin Valette, Doug Keane, and Leslie Sbrocco.
  3. = The ability to imagine alternative realities + the courage to try to implement them.
  4. “Customers are your biggest marketing department. Get them to tell your story.” ~ Christen O’Brien
  5. “We manage two businesses at all times, the business we’re in and the business we’re becoming” ~ Ken Courtright. How do we do this in #healthcare?
  6. “CEO = chief encouragement officer” ~  Mark Burnett
  7. “Design is relationships, the experience, and everything around us. Design is the next competitive weapon.” ~ Clement Mok
  8. “Every startup needs a great idea/product, funding, and marketing. Most people de-2016-11-04-16-26-23emphasize the marketing.  You can’t start any business without being a great storyteller!”
  9. “You must fail to have disruptive innovation!” It’s all about Fast Learning. Fail forward and learn – Don’t just fail and celebrate. ~ Marcus Shingles
  10. I’m not a coffee drinker, but WOW! Thanks for giving me a low-carb cold drink!

What I Will Do With It…

As I drove away that evening my mind, spirit, and soul were so stirred. I felt like I could conquer anything put before me. I had been struggling as an innovator. I had lost my passion to dream, my passion to change the world, my passion to take people around me on the journey.

The Harvest Summit allowed me to be free – to be myself! What I will do with that is everything! I will push the boundaries! I will challenge the status quo! I will plant, water, and grow the Harvest!

Thank you Harvesters at the Harvest Summit 2016!


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Who The He** Are We Designing For? Healthcare: The Future Is Now!

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What I was doing…

This past week I spent three days with 70+ future forward movers and shakers in Austin, Texas. Our group, Innovation Learning Network focused on becoming Architects of Better Futures & the Rites of Passage of the 21st Century: the Ten-Year Landscape with The Institute For The Future. Then we looked at Discussing Design Without Losing Your Mind, Smarter Design For Smarter Decisions, and Caregiving 2031.

We also had our minds blown away when we discussed Future Vision from an investment, retail, and culinary arts view. All of these sessions were incredibly thought-provoking and challenging for me as both an innovator and learner. But, what I want to focus on this week is my experience on our Innovation Safari.


Imagine this! You are attending a conference with 70+ healthcare leaders, and you break into  groups of six to trek out into the city. Maybe we will go visit a hospital. Maybe a clinic in an underserved area. It must be we are going to go visit a design studio in Austin. Nope!

We went to visit a restaurant. That’s right a good ole` BBQ restaurant. The question I asked myself was, “How is this going to help me in the future when it comes to healthcare?” Let me tell you this; it was mind blowing.

The BBQ establishment we went to visit was Rudy’s  owned and operated by K&N Management based out of Austin. This was one of the most impactful afternoons I have ever had. Our team had the privilege to spend an hour with the general manager from the location we visited. He had been with the company for 18 years and worked his way up from a cashier in college, to now as a managing partner. We spent that hour learning about PROCESSES, PROCESSES, PROCESSES.  

So What?

So what is this? K&N Management has been honored to win the coveted Malcolm2016-10-26-15-54-31 Baldridge National Quality award. We learned that “The Love of Excellence” is what has caused this great success. Additionally, that afternoon we met with one of the executives who shared the company’s journey with us. In this session, excellence was the theme. The key learning I walked away with was this; if you focus on one thing, and get everyone in the company focusing on it. You can move the needle!

What I Learned…

So that evening I started thinking how could we apply all of this to a system that lives in processes, but is yet so many light years behind. The next morning as we listened to the discussion on Future Vision – it clicked.

Gary Hoover was speaking to us about consumers, and he made one simple statement, “Whenever the consumer is involved, that’s where innovation is!”  Many organizational leaders talk about it, but very few actually practice it. Gary continued and 2016-10-27-10-41-28shared the second nugget from that morning.

He stated, “To make a difference in healthcare we need to study the great service organizations of the past and of today!”

Well, I just had done that the day before. Service at its best.


What I Will Do With It…

From both of those experiences, I knew I had to apply them to my day-to-day life and how I could impact and change healthcare for the better. No longer will I bite off the whole system. We will pick one thing, and one thing only. Focus on that, and make a difference.

My teams will look at the past and learn from those before us, but we will also trek into the future with one thing in mind, the consumer – and only the consumer. Whether it is a member, patient, or provider – Focus on one thing and do it well!!!

So, who the he** are we designing for? YOU!